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Thoughts: Secret

Thoughts: Secret.
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credit for this community goes to PostSecret.

Have you ever had a burning desire to share something that you didn't need people you were around every day to know? It seems a lot of people feel this way. It also seems to be somewhat theraputing to put it into writing, art, just get it off your chest in any way possible. This is here for that.

FAQ: What I don't understand is that I thought these are supposed to be anonymous, and as far as I'm aware, although one can make anonymous comments, you can't make anonymous posts. I wouldn't feel safe revealing secrets in a public forum that clearly identifies me that way.

ANSWER: Each day, i'll make a post for those who wish to be completely anonymous to post a reply in. Those posts should remain on topic, and no more than three secrets per GIVEN POST each day. Some days, if this community picks up speed, I may do more than one opportunity post.

PostSecret has given people that opportunity, but because of the overwhelming response, the creator can only post so many. This is where thoughts_secret comes in. To better serve those who desire that release.


1. Please keep your secrets to a slight minimum, no more than 3 posts per day per user. This is to give people proper time to read and respond. I know we all have lots of shit we'd like to divulge, but be sensible :)

2. No rude, attacking, judgemental responses. If it's something you're terribly sensitive about, but still feel the need to relent, and fear a flame, DISABLE COMMENT FEATURE. If you feel you wish to get comments, and are flamed, it will be deleted and taken care of promptly. Same goes for those who post a reply in an opportunity post and are flamed.

3. Anonymous commenting IS ALLOWED, so no one needs get mad when the responder is hiding his/her identity. Still, once again, flaming will not be tolerated.

4. Last of all, please be tolerant. This is a place for people to let go, get it out, wrestle with inner demons, and hopefully recieve some kind of help, if applicable. If you disagree with someone for something they did in the past or how they feel, this is not the place for you.